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Nick King: 0:19

Hello there, this is Nick King and Jacob Chaparro, having our first initial meeting of minds, on the Zenith platform and sharing of what our firms about, how we arrived at creating this firm. And going over other various topics, I will let the founder and CEO himself Mr. Jacob Chaparro, take it away initially here.


Jacob Chaparro: 0:49


Thanks, Nick. It's definitely something exciting to start this podcast with you. I have got to thank you, while we're on here, give you a quick plug, I know you're the one that… this is, your baby here. And I'm happy to be a part of it. Because I think everyone has a story. I think most people want to hear your story. And, you know, part of this episode today is going to be to share.


Nick King: 1:48


Definitely. And, you know, prior to us being on mic here, we were talking about the journey, right, the journey of what's really led us in our careers, somewhat similar backgrounds in different areas to arrive at this point. And that's what I'm really excited to talk about today. So initially, from my end, in reaching out to you and talking with you just wanted a platform that had


Jacob Chaparro: 3:20


We're excited to have you and, you know, whether this speaks to advisors listening to clients, you know, one thing that Nick said, that really is at the core of our culture, corporate culture that is. And 'corporate' man, I don't know about you Nick, but that word to me, sometimes, most of the time doesn't resonate all that well. You know, the camaraderie, the team, our spirit, I and decision we can make? That's really collaborative with everyone on the team?


Nick King: 5:42


I view this industry in terms of those that work in it, I mean, after a certain amount of years, there's a filter where you can see those that really have a passion for this, and those that maybe are in it for the wrong reasons, or aren't passionate about it, but the ones that have kind of crossed the line and have been in the seat and enjoy doing what they do, every day, that comes


Jacob Chaparro: 7:33


I creativity, you said creativity, and people think of wealth management and finance, it's, you know, kind of cut dry, but man, it we can be creative are offering to clientele is to do that. And, you know, I know, we're going to talk about that a little bit more here in our episode today. But I couldn't agree more. I think creativity, even in our profession, is really not a


Nick King: 8:32


I think the other important thing, too, is really being able to talk with clients on all ends of the acumen spectrum, so to speak. So everybody we brought on here, including yourself does a great job in terms of communication that somebody on the other end will understand and not necessarily throwing out very esoteric terminology, things like that. It's a good segue into just how


Jacob Chaparro: 9:18


So, the process itself, going back to my early days in this profession, and working for institutions like Schwab and Fidelity, it really made me understand the role that I fit in. And what I've noticed, there is no right, one singular way to approach this profession. There definitely is a wrong way, that's for sure. But there's many right choices. And as I continued in my own looks like. But to execute the plan to have action steps to have someone hold you accountable that that's, that's a little bit different dynamic. And, of course, some of these specific things in growing your wealth, ultimately, whether that includes retirement planning or saving for a home, providing for your kids education, there's a lot of planning, there's a lot of execution involved, it's


Nick King: 13:32


I can't stress how important that is. And going back to your point on plans, I think, the planning part is even harder than the investment part. But once you get over that hurdle of getting one in place, the nice part about working with us is really having somebody that knows your story, gets to foster that plan, grow with you. One of the one of the great things I love about this job is


Jacob Chaparro: 14:04


And just to make sure that I, just sorry jumping in here Nick, but that's exactly what was important in what you said plays in hand, both from the client side and the advisor side. It's difficult to start a plan on both ends. For clients, it takes time, it takes commitment. And on our side too, it takes time it takes commitment. The easy thing to do is to simply say hey, I


Nick King: 16:03


It's process, not prophesy. I've been fielding way too many calls or texts, some of my friends in terms of what's this market going to do? You know, we have some, some very bright minds, Black Swan events, there's so many variables COVID, really, when you have a process, you stick to your lanes, and you make the adjustments on that plan versus the prognostication, the prophetic ways,


Jacob Chaparro: 17:11


To the end client. And this isn't coming from just between our ears, but actual conversations we've had with our clients is the peace of mind that one has, when and, and the example, which is the perfect example, when the market sell off and people freak out right or take drastic actions or, hopefully not, but sell their portfolios put everything in cash, because they have that


Nick King: 19:11


I would say another thing some clients have is, they might have an accountant or a lawyer... as a Zenith financial planner, you can plug us in in terms of your overall team of fiduciaries, looking out for all those aspects. And we can connect into both segments as well, too. So that goes to estate planning that goes to taxes in terms of looking over a tax return, seeing where there


Jacob Chaparro: 20:12


Yeah, when someone's building, their net worth, of course, a financial advisor is typically going to be at the forefront of that, I would say a 1A, sometimes 1B would be a CPA, an accountant in someone's household, or they run everything through their CPA of like you mentioned, estate planning attorney, there's various professionals and building your wealth that you we fit into growing someone's net worth growing their wealth, we want to know we want to help, we want to take time away from people to spend time with their families, right, do the things that they want to do. And it's important to identify our role and how we want to do that. And last thing to touch on is, you know, those roles I've seen over time, our role changes. And, and in that goes in.


Nick King: 23:18


So from what I'm hearing, you say is, is really to take a lot of stress off the table. Because it's been a stressful past year, let's be honest, and the economy is. It's, it's very different than that. I mean, it's always going to be shifting, but really having somebody on the other side that you trust working hand in hand with you, especially when things get really tough, could


Jacob Chaparro: 24:29


The love is reciprocal Nick, it's exciting to find people that that see eye to eye and it's funny, right? And you read this you hear this maybe for mentors, but until you actually start to do this, you have that eye opening moment you're like wow, but the saying something along the lines of once you start to remove yourself from the equation more and more and more become that freedom as the advisor, that is they don't give you that freedom to be able to put your energy in that passion in that way. And, again, there's definitely no right or wrong. I have close friends at work with these various institutions. They're excellent advisors. I am just truly very thankful at the end of the day to be able to have Zenith approach things that we do. Of course, we don't get obviously exciting to me.


Nick King: 28:36


Down the road, you're going to be getting further episodes with Jake and I and we will be talking about very specific topics at times, general topics. But today is more of an introduction. This is us and we're looking forward toward what's to come. So really appreciate the time to all listening. Jacob, I really appreciate your time as well too. I look forward to the next one. Thank you!

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