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Who We Are

Our approach to wealth management is collaborative and focuses foremost on gaining a complete understanding of each client’s specific goals and risk tolerance. We then work with you to develop customized financial solutions and ensure that you have a holistic understanding of your financial portfolio.


As markets continuously fluctuate, we remain diligent and proactive in managing investments to optimize the probability of success. Our investment philosophy is focused not just in developing long-term solutions but also in identifying short-term opportunities. We are transparent in our comprehensive private wealth management practice designed to fit your specific objectives.

Our History

Zenith Investment Management started when Jacob Chaparro, our President, Chief Investment Officer, and Lead Advisor, got fed up with the failures and problems of modern money management. 

Financial advisors shouldn't be beholden to their shareholders, but to their clients. 

Advice shouldn't be hidden behind jargon and sold as a product, it should be thoughtful, individualized recommendations given by someone you trust.

Investment management shouldn't be one-size-fits-all, it should be based on what you need out of your portfolio. 

With those ideas in mind Jacob shuttered the hedge fund he'd  been running and established Zenith Investment Management as an independent registered investment advisory firm. Our goal is to land among the top RIA firms in the nation in the next few years, while preserving the client-focused attitude that's at the heart of Zenith Investment Management. 

Our Mission

At Zenith, we strive to create meaningful long-term relationships where we can give our clients confidence in knowing their wealth and financial happiness needs will be met and optimized through our industriousness and enthusiasm.

We will compete for our clients with honesty and loyalty to help them bring clarity and knowledge to their financial picture.

Our mission is to exceed each of our client’s financial goals by making the best decisions on their behalf so they can live confidently and enjoy their wealth throughout all phases of their lives.

Counsel & Advice
Community Involvement

Our team is devoted to giving back to our community. We are passionate about serving those in need and strive to volunteer with local charitable organizations a minimum of once a quarter. This dedicated time is specifically allocated and incorporated into our work schedule. Zenith is proud to contribute both volunteer hours and financial support to the following organizations:


We strongly believe that taking time out of our work week to give back to those in need is at the very foundation of the Zenith culture. Our core values not only apply to our clients but also extend to supporting our community. We believe that a focus on helping those in need helps us become better citizens in our community, better leaders, and makes our business whole.

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