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Financial Consultation

David F. Fernandes, CRPC®

From making strategic decisions to developing an individualized approach for each client, I’m here to help.


Using over a decade of expertise and deep understanding of the industry, you’ll receive tailored solutions that put you and your family first.

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Our Planning process

Your success is our success

Analyzing Data

Financial status evaluation

You can't figure out where you need to go unless you know where you are.

An in depth review of your financial situation is as much for your benefit as ours. Let us help you get a better grasp on your current financial position so we can plot a path forward together.

Men in a Meeting

risk management assessment

Are the risks worth the rewards?

we're here to help you better understand the potential risks and rewards and make informed choices to best achieve your goals.

Office Consultation

Building a proactive financial plan

Goals focused

A collaborative process where we work with you to prioritize your needs and plot the most efficient path towards them.

Education and current news

Useful Information

Financial Analyst

Articles and current news

Stock Market Quotes

Join in on our podcast series

A presentation at the office

Zenith Video series


Connect with David

Call me at 860-416-1452 to discuss investing or book an appointment.

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