Client Pyramid of Success

Zenith aims to focus on three key aspects when serving our clients: Relationship, Investment Management, and Financial Planning. We approach these responsibilities in different ways, and they are at the very root of the great culture we strive to uphold. Moreover, they have proven to be the most effective, meaningful, and powerful way to assist our clients. We invite you to explore our Client Pyramid of Success, which illustrates our Core Values and how we engrain them in our everyday work day. Our three practices require different approaches, but they ultimately all tie together to create client confidence and peace of mind.

We strive to bring genuine candor to each client’s financial situation and strive to expose every obstacle or challenge a client may face in reaching his or her goals. While having difficult conversations is sometimes necessary to face the reality of a client’s financial situation, it never fails to bring clients peace of mind as we venture into the unknown and expose what must be altered to meet their aspirations and goals.

With our energetic and devoted culture of improving every single day, there is no secret to our clients’ success- it’s us working diligently on their behalf every single day. Success travels in company, and we work hard on a daily basis to exceed our clients’ expectations and help them achieve their goals.

Consistently evidenced through our actions, our clients know they can always trust us in handling all aspects in managing their wealth. Our clients depend on our continued reliability, and it is a duty we undertake with great respect and honor.

We believe that loyalty is our greatest strength and the foundation of each client relationship. We are fiduciaries for our clients, have no hidden agendas, and never use proprietary investments. We compete for our clients and act in their best interest at all times.

Integrity is at the very root of our practice. We pride ourselves on having honest conversations with our clients and maintaining a high level of integrity and respect. While financial disclosures and other documents can be complex, we make sure our clients fully understand them. We are true to ourselves and, more importantly, true to our clients in all aspects. It is a privilege to serve our clients.

Results don’t always happen overnight and often take hard work, great effort, and focus. We take the time to educate our clients and ensure that they understand how their investments line up to their aspirations and goals. With our guidance every step of the way, our clients have a strategic plan and invest with purpose. Our process in taking the time to do this with clients year after year imbues in them the confidence to face market challenges and life events that may occur because they know that ultimately we will still get to where we want to be.

Always mindful of the needs of our clients, we strive to provide attentive and customized service. We listen to our clients’ needs, analyze market events that may impact our clients and the portfolios, and ultimately help our clients achieve their financial goals.

We are always ready to serve our clients but strive to lead by constantly engaging them in areas of need and helping them make the right decision to move them that much closer to achieving their objectives. Failure to act is often the biggest failure of all, and our ultimate goal is to give our clients all of the information necessary to make decisions and take action.