We take the time to listen to any concerns you may have, to understand the extent of any financial planning you have done in the past, and to appreciate your unique wealth management needs. We strive to understand what you want to accomplish now, on the way to your retirement and beyond. This is arguably our favorite part of the wealth management process as it enables us to assess whether we are the best fit for your specific needs and allows us to begin to build a relationship as your trusted advisor. We take the time to holistically assess your financial picture and bring knowledge and clarity to your particular financial situation. We work to help you understand what may not be working and where we can further optimize your plan. After initially listening and appreciating your needs, we make it a priority to maintain an ongoing channel of communication with our clients to address concerns and understand your needs as they evolve in the future.


Once we have mutually come to a direction and investment strategy, we begin to execute and manage your portfolio. Our team meticulously overlooks your portfolio on a daily basis so that we can ensure that investments are allocated appropriately, bringing you peace of mind. Our clients love that the pressure of managing their portfolio is not on them, but on us. Our proven process of systematic and strategic rebalancing and reallocating puts us in a place where we can take advantage of current market factors to better position our clients for success while also mitigating risk to protect our clients’ investments. You will always have clarity and transparency in knowing how your investments are doing. Our reports are organized in an easy to comprehend format to allow you to easily understand the status of your investments. We want you to know when things are going well and will make sure we are there for you when the market is down. You will hear from us either way, and this is a promise we make to our clients that we believe makes our management process honest and transparent.


Once we understand your needs we can begin to develop investment solutions that match your goals and aspirations. We can help you funnel down your investment options and help you to understand certain risks and advantages of different strategies by giving you hard numbers and true forecasts of your portfolio depending on the strategy adopted. We continuously educate our clients so that they can be confident in the decisions we are making on their behalf and to make sure they are confident and have serenity in their investments. As time goes by, our clients’ confidence relies on us as we are constantly refining and reevaluating their portfolios to meet their short- and long-term objectives.


Our first three steps are only the beginning of a process that brings us to the most efficient place to assist you with your investments, but it does not stop there. We are highly dedicated and loyal to our clients and want to make sure that all aspects of their finances are running at their most efficient place. By maintaining continuous lines of communication and making sure our clients feel confident to contact us regarding any finance-related questions that may arise in their household, whether they relate to banking, legal, insurance or tax issues. Building and solidifying a trusted relationship with each client is our ultimate goal and the Zenith commitment to our clients.